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Wednesday June 20th v Metropolitan Police CC

Nomads CC v Metropolitan Police CC Wednesday June 20th at Imber Court, 2pm  time match.
 John Rezko, Charlton Lamb with Tom Clarke and Rob Symondson at Ember Court Clubhouse Bar 

Umpires:N Turk,
Toss:   Won by Met Police.
Result: Met Police won by 1 run
Nomads Debut:T Clark, G Clark, S Clark, P Huitson.
J Perry         lbw      b Burton  38
A Navard        c ClarkS b Burton  33
S Rusworth      lbw        Lamb     8
D Cory          bowled     Huitson 43
D Turner        bowled     Rezko    8
A Hiscox        bowled     Rezko    1 
S McGachie      not out            36
S Fitzgerald    c Burton b Clark S 28
D Mullins       not out             4
Extras         (4b,10lb, 2w)       16
TOTAL          (7wickets,43 overs)215
DNB:A Melson and D Tunney
FOW:1-62, 2-79, 3-91, 4-136, 5-140, 6-142, 7-183.
Bowling - Burton 11-1-46-2, Lamb 12-0-72-1, Huitson 6-2-18-1, Rezko 9-1-32-2, Clark S 5-1-32-0.
T Clarke    bowled     Rushworth 145 
G Clarke    c Havard b Fitzgerald 25 
J Lascelles          b Fitzgerald  0
R Symondson lbw      b Turner      3
S Clarke    bowled     Turner      4 
M Burton    bowled     Mullins     0
J Rezko     bowled(HT) Havard      6
P Huitson   lbw        Havard      5 
C Lamb      bowled     Havard      5
M Blumberg  not out                4
Extras     (4b, 5lb, 11w)         19(-2)
TOTAL      (All Out,42.4 overs)  216 (-2)
Did not show up: I Smith
FoW:1-38, 2-38, 3-73, 4-89, 3-109, 6-145, 7-155, 8-187, 9-214.
Bowling-Fizgerald 9-1-45-3, Melson 6-1-22-0, Turner 6-2-21-2, Tunney 3-1-20-0, Mullins 4-0-30-1, Rushworth 7.4-0-36-1, Navard 8 0 11 3. 

 We was robbed

The Clarkes brothers' Dad suggested that his sons had 'cocked up' the scorebook and scoreboard and that in fact Nomads had won which is what the scorebook says as it is written! A remarkable century by Tom Clarke but apart from his brother precious little else. In defeat Nomads drank well at the Imber Sports Club Bar and duly celebrated Tom's great debut.   

The non appearance of Ian Smith  who had confirmed with the Match Manager-charlton Lamb, at the previous Sunday's  Gaieties match and in the presence of Matt Burton was irritating but would have been a trifle forgotten had it not become a major cause celebre within Gaieties CC leading to Ian Smith's violent assault on Charlton Lamb at a later Gaieties match at Bromley Common, the day before Nomads match with Stowe Templars. Much as Harold Pinter strove to patch things up, the feud continued so much so that Charlton Lamb never played for Gaieties again much to advantage of Nomads CC until his untimely death in 2013 March!