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James Drayton

  Former Nomads Skipper makes 50 years of age,June 2000. 

James Drayton looks up at the camera. John Nagenda scatches something in front of Mike Willis. Ollie Croom Johnson and James Leahy discussed the day's play so far and Don Mann walks away.Tea at Indian Gymkhana,
photograph by Tony (Lennox) Smillie.


 J ames Drayton has probably been the largest and certainly heaviest of Nomad skippers. James met the Nomads in Paris c 1980 where in slimmer form he had played for the Standard Athletic Club for some years. So impressed was he with Nomads that he wrote to the Hon Sec informing him that he was now resident in UK and would like to join.
    If one believes the Hon Sec and his memory this is the only such letter ever received. James was a mighty hitter best batting in the lower order and a purveyor of flighted filfth which sometimes baffled accomplished players. James skippered the club in a period of some strength in numbers and quality with one of the biggest smiles in club cricket.
    His finest moment was hitting a six to beat Brook in Surrey when chasing 318 in an afternoon match with 17 required in the final over and he was not facing the first ball bowled.
    One Saturday all day match at Abingdon was disturbed by the arrival of two ladies in thigh high boots and some 'presence'. One it turned out was with James and subsequently they were married somewhere in Suffolk with a lot of Nomads present as well as cricketers from Standard Athletic, Meudon Paris.
   James was reknown for his hospitality which was fullsome but this largesse was always served in aircraft catering containers, he being a corporate star in that industry.
   James then began a relationship with the delightfully situated Holmsbury St Mary Cricket Club before moving overseas. In June 2000 a match was arranged at this club to celebrate James' half century which in view of his bulk was a tribute to the strength of the pump in his heart.
   Since his return to UK James has become Chairman and/or President of HSTMCC.


Holmbury St Mary Cricket Club Where James retired to. Nomads used to play there .

Nomads at Leatherhead
Standing Brian Pearce -Umpire,David Oatway,Tim Bourke,John Dunley,James Leahy,Oliver Croom-Johnson
Sitting Nick Ford,James Drayton-captain,Michael Blumberg,Andrew Dunley