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Thirteenth Punjab Curry Fest Wednesday November 22nd

The Thirteenth Annual Post Season Curry Fest 

The Punjab Restaurant Neal Street Covent Garden WC2H 9PA 8.15pm for 8.30 pm Wednesday November 22nd 2017


In the end we were 41 diners and a very good evening indeed was enjoyed.This is Nomads first winter gathering .Our next meeting is Currywest in December and then the Annual Dinner at the East India Club is February 16th 2017.

Pictures from previous years

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Thomas  Brockton
Jon Thornton    In Lanzarote   
Michael Blumberg and Annette Tiberghien
Charles Peerless  
Tony Whiteway 
Simon Collins 
Hugo Morris     to Sussex)
Joe Ireland School Duties 
Saurabh Wahi   
John Hardy Still In France  
Keith Juriansz  Double Booked Late drop out
Theo Collier in Northern Italy   
Kyle Bradley    
Tom Carmichael Teeth Implants Ouch!
Sanjay & Lucy Beri
Dr Debbie Curtis at The Stoop spectating 
Oliver  Croom-Johnson         
Roger Davidson at a client show

Peter Sumner Sailing in Caribbean   
Bill Rodwell 

(Adnan Kapadia drop out business) 
Charlie Dickins  
Chris Page 

Nigel Hussey   
David Alexander 
Ranjit Latchman Away elsewhere Matt D
Phil Mitchell
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Alastair Evans-Gordon     
Ben Hyams     
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Darin and Karen Williams in Hong Kong 
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Mike Blake Curry Phobe

Vince Gavin & Friend
Nigel Green 'Scoring Elsewhere' ' 
Enzo Nicoli & Heather 
Nigel Keess in South Africa keeping warm    
Christopher Bates
'DK' Desai
Nick Shelley-Smith another event 
Russell Mann 
Kit Stidolph 
Bill Johnson  
Joe Medlin-indoor cricket match   
Victor Kandampully  
 Charles Fellows-Smith 
Brian Phillips    
 Paul Stanfield 
Jerry Laxton
 Nick Leslie-Miller 
Suraj Vithlani  
 Isabelle Duncan 
Andy Stokes 
 Jamie Dixon 
Parag Gudka 'Flu victim late drop out
  Steve Marians Unwell
Sajjad Shawl   Flew to Dubai instead  
 Andrew Gregory 
Derek Manners  
 Mike Walton 
Gerard Soames  
 Damon Wilson at a gig 
Tom Liversidge 'No Show'
 Paul Fielding Another event
Ben Butcher 
Johan Da Silva at another event
Keith Alexander delayed in Devon at sister's
Charlie Hiram will be 'away'
Andrew & Claudia Pitcher  
Richard Clarke
Jemile Al-Darraji
Steve Brewer  unwell
Jack Massey