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Sunday May 13th v Headley CC


NOMADS CC v HEADLEY CC Headley Common, Surrey 2.00pm Sunday May 13th

Result:  Match Drawn.
Umpires: Ray Dunning and ANOther
Scorer:  Alice Hamsworth
NOMADS MAN of the MATCH: Matt Marshall
Debut:   Matt Marshall, Paul Stanton, George Joseph,Prakash Vadlamani and Arun Katakam
NOMADS Innings 
M Marshall bowled     Smith      138
A Katakam  run out                17
R Mantha   bowled     Shelmeldine  0
P Vadlaman c Harris b Shelmeldine  0
C Lamb     bowled     Laidlaw     39 
R Mann     bowled     Laidlaw      0
P Stanton  bowled     Laidlaw      0
J Rezko    not out                 1 
G Joseph   not out                 4 
Extras    (12b,1lb,24w,7nb)       44
TOTAL     (7 wkts dec, 36 overs) 242
Did not Bat M Blumberg and P Maloney.
FoW: 1-77, 2-90, 3-100, 4-227, 5-227, 6-227, 7-231,
-Laidlaw 8-1-58-3, Don Smith 7-0-56-1, M Ashby 8-2-30-0, M Shelmeldine 5-0-31-2, A Clark 5-0-29-0, J Hopper 3-0-27-0.
A Livingston  c Vadlaman b Lamb     20
DK Smith      bowled       Joseph    5 
Don Smith     retired hurt           5 
J Harris      lbw        b Marshall 61
M Ashby       c Lamb     b Blumberg 66
M Shelmeldine bowled       Blumberg 13
M Hansworth   not out               15
C Kettle      bowled       Blumberg  5
M Renshaw     not out                1 
Extras       (b1,lb4,w6,nb1)        13
TOTAL       (6 wkts, 48 overs)     206
Did not bat G Laidlaw and J Hopper
FoW;1-18, 2-39, 3-169,4-179,5-183,6-194
Bowling-Joseph 8-0-20-1, Rezko 8-3-13-0, Lamb 8-1-46-1, Maloney 7-0-35-0, Marshall 8-1-44-1, Blumberg 8-1-31-3, Mantha 1-0-12-0. 

The scorecard has been revised slightly (not the totals) as nothing added up. Not Alice's fault blame Mann, Blumberg and Mantha...and if runs have to be added well why not to Matt??

 Headley hang on to draw

Nomads have underperformed for some seasons at Headley. Last year they borrowed Shelmeldine who scored 16 and took a wicket. This year he played for Headley took two wickets and scored 13 against us. Headley invited Nomads to bat doubtless anticipating the traditional Nomads suicidal batting trait. First ball was an awful wide long hop which Marshall contrive to toe end skywards but this time luck was with a Nomad. The square leg failed to reach the catch. Matt then set about the untidy Headley attack who bowled an extraordinary number of wides between some straight ones. He and Arun put on 77 before Arun was harshly adjudged run out despite a spectacular but vain dive to regain his ground. Ravi and Prakash failed to disturb the scorers who were wilting under the barrage of wides.

Charlton Lamb then joined Marshall and these two put on 127 over the next 19 overs with Marshall passing the century mark with a flurry of boundaries. Nomads then staged a minor collapse as only they can, Mann and Stanton recording ducks. With Rezko and Joseph at the wicket Nomads declared at tea with 243-7 off a mere 36 overs. There had been a lot of fetching balls from across the road but 36 overs in two and a half hours is slow going. However they did bowl some 20 balls which were no balls or wides. Matt Marshall finished on 138 with 5x6s and 19x4s.

Nomads opened with an international attack Joseph seam from India and and Rezko off breaks from Australia. After 16 overs Headley were 40- 2 as the openers strugged, in particular, against the sharp spin of Rezko. Don Smith mis slog swept Maloney into his eyebrow and had to leave yet he had added some aggressive purpose to the Headley innings.

Harris and Ashby struggled with Lamb’s away floaters to start with but when he tossed it up they responded well and struck a series of fine boundaries. With small boundaries on one side if batsmen get in runs can flow with alarming rapidity and these two began to take the game Headley’s way ably aided by Nomads' swift over rate. Ashby dealt severely with Marshall’s speedy seam when he replaced Maloney’s flighted offies but just as he threatened to win the game for Headley he fell to a fine slip catch by veteran Lamb off a Blumberg arm ball. Marshall trapped Harris plumb in front so now Headley were 4(5) down requiring nearly ten an over. Two more wickets to Blumberg gave Nomads an outside sniff of victory but Renshaw and skipper Miles Hansworth saw them safely through to the close. Nomads had bowled 48 overs in 75 minutes plus the last 20. Headley provided their usual wonderful Tea and after the match many a sizzling hot sausage to accompany an ale or lager.

The threatened thunderstorms never came to disturb a splendid afternoon’s cricket. Nomad visitors included Mrs Maloney and daughter Julia swotting for GCSEs and Mrs Ravi Mantha also swotting for her university exams. Nomads were grateful to Paul Stanton who played at short notice since Allen Abramson fell lame with a back problem.