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Sunday August 12th v Allies CC

MATCH 39 NOMADS CC V ALLIES CC at Chiswick House London W4 2.00pm-40/40 overs 8 overs max

Toss:   Nomads won the toss
Result: Nomads won by 34 runs
Debuts :None

C Peerless      c Robinson b Treen     2
R Style         c Miller   b Simcock  56
R Patel         c McEwen   b Robinson 23
D Curtis        bowled       Robinson  0
O Smith         c Doherty  b Robinson 10
M Oppe +        c Marshall b Miller   34
T Brockton      bowled       Broke    17
A Smith         bowled       Miller   15
GC Lamb         not out                 1
C Fellows-Smith not out                1
Extras         (b10,lb8,w5,nb3)       26
TOTAL          (8 wickets,40 overs)  175
Dnb:ME Blumberg


Bowling-Treen 4 0 12 1,Aaronson 5 1 23 0,Miller 7 0 27 2,Robinson 8 0 32 3,Simcock 8 0 28 1,Broke 4 0 18 1,McEwan 4 0 16 0.

T Treen     bowled      A Smith   7
M Miller    c Oppe    b O Smith  19
A Marshall  c Curtis  b A Smith  14
D Doherty   c O Smith b O Smith  10
T Simcock   run out               0
M McEwan    c Oppe    b F-Smith  11
R Robinson  c Style   b F-Smith  11
B Broke     st Oppe   b Peerless  8
RR Robinson not out              19
A Aaronson  bowled      Peerless 19
R Ritchie   c O Smith b Brockton  1
Extras     (b2,lb1,w9,nb0)       12
TOTAL      (All out,33 overs)   131


Bowling-O Smith 8 1 38 2,A Smith 8 2 25 2,Fellows-Smith 8 1 20 2,Peerless 8 0 39 2,Brockton 1 0 5 1. 


Victory at Chiswick House

A new fixture for the 2012 season saw Nomads travel to the picturesque Chiswick House to play a jovial bunch of chaps who made up the Allies CC. Unfortunately due to Michael Blumberg being glued to his tv for the Olympic Marathon, he was therefore late much to the chagrin of skipper for the day Charlton Lamb. The gnarled old pro relegated President Blumberg to the sanctity of the scorebox upon his arrival (and where he spent the next 3 hours).

Lamb won the toss and unsurprisingly elected to bat. The wicket looked somewhat mottled and clearly had not been rolled/cut since the end of the working week. Also, the presence of a chirpy homeless lady on the boundary provided Ronnie Patel with much amusement as Charlie Peerless and Rupert Style opened up for the visitors. Peerless didn’t last long and his ungainly swipe at the innocuous bowling of Treen lobbed up for Kiwi Robinson to take an easy catch.

The early loss of Peerless allowed Patel and Style to forge a partnership of over 50, Patel playing some sumptuous straight drives but Style clearly had ideas of occupation and a long stay at the crease on his agenda, patting back a number of full-tosses and long-hops. Veteran Lamb could be heard to offer some choice advice from his comfortable chair outside the pavilion.

Patel departed in unfortunate circumstances and Debbie Curtis’ stay was a short one as she was dismissed without scoring and Nomads began to lose their way. Suddenly we were indebted to Style’s powers of concentration as young Olly Smith, Tom Brockton and Andrew Smith were all victims of the variable bounce in the wicket after playing some promising strokes. The only other partnership of any substance was between Style and Mark Oppe who used his “shovel” shot to good effect and although both departed for 56 and 34 respectively Nomads were able to post a credible score of 175 at the end of their 40 overs.

After a lacklustre and miniscule tea Nomads took the field and the father/son combination of Olly Smith and Andrew Smith took the new ball. It became apparent incredibly quickly that Allies did not have the strength in batting to make 175 look like a vaguely attainable total and in partnership with Charles Fellow-Smith, who bowled beautifully despite tweaking a thigh muscle while batting, Nomads began to work their way through the brittle Allies batting line up.

Amazingly 6 of the first 7 wickets to fall fell to someone called “Smith”. The other was courtesy of a Tom Brockton run-out as he threw down the stumps leaving the hapless Simcock a yard short of his crease. By now Allies were out of the game and it was left to Peerless to knock over the tail courtesy of some smart glove-work from Mark Oppe who completed an impressive all-round display with two catches and a stumping to go with his 34 runs. A fitting end for Mark who was to move overseas with his partner later on that week.

Brockton finished the game in his lone over having the Australian Ritchie caught at silly-point by Olly Smith and Nomads had run out deserved winners by 44 runs with 7 overs to spare. Admittedly not the most demanding of fixtures in terms of standard, (some may say pub cricket ?) but the Allies were an enthusiastic bunch and seemed keen to engage in some banter in a local pub by the River Thames after the game and have already looked to renew the fixture for 2013.