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Saturday June 24th v Abinger CC

MATCH 20 Nomads CC v Abinger CC   Felday Road Village Green Abinger Hammer   Surrey RH5 6QX 3.00pm Saturday June 24th 2012  

Toss::  Abinger won the toss
Result: Abinger won by 28 runs
Debuts :Seethal Tharankar,Aditya Khilnani,Peter Sumner 

D Williams  c Khilnani b MacVicar  0
R Sidderfin c Lamb     b Khilnani 48
R Dunne     c Lamb     b Khilnani 35 
D Colbrook  c Sumner   b Khilnani  3 
H Jolly     c Sumner   b Khilnani  7 
D Ayling    c Khilnani b Sumner   21 
M P-Smith   c Peerless b Sumner   12 
N Corker    bowled       Sumner   10 
R Easen     bowled       MacVicar  1 
J Wakeford  c Khilnani b Sumner    0 
C Rowland   not out                0 
Extras      (b1,lb2,w0,nb0)        3 
Adjustment?                       13
TOTAL       (All Out,37.1 overs) 153  


Bowling-MacVicar 9.1 2 50 3,Tharakan 8 3 30 0,Couch 8 1 33 0,Khilnani 8 1 24 4,Sumner 4 0 16 3.Adjustment (-3)

NOMADS CC Innings 
C Peerless  bowled       Easton   1

ME Blumberg lbw        b Easton   9

S Marians   bowled       Easton   0

A Khilnani  c Ayling   b Rowland 16

R Horne+    c          b Ayling  58

GC Lamb*    c Siderfin b Jolly    1

P Sumner    bowled       Jolly    5

D MacVicar  bowled       Jolly    3

S Tharakhan bowled       Ayling   3

M Couch     not out               7

A N Other   missing

Adjustment?                       6
Extras      (b4,lb4,w8,nb0)      16
TOTAL(All out,27 overs)         125


Bowling-Rowland 9 0 31 1,Easton 5 0 30 3,Corker 2 0 30 0,Jolly 6 0 28 3,Ayling 5 1 4 2.(Adjustment (-4)

                   Nomads capitulate to younger Abinger side   

We lost Mark Oppe at the last moment leaving a mere ten. We turned up in good time to find the near side of the ground full with a village fare. Enquiries confirmed the fare was due to be finished by 3.0pm.Well since it was but a day after the midsummer solace light should not be a problem and so alate start was agreed and a later than usuall finish.

Nomads won the toss and put the Opposition in. Macvicar soon removed one opening batsman caught by a reluctant wicket keeping Richard Horne. 

On another day numbers 2 and 3 would have gone quickly but one survived awide chance to slip and the other survived since the wicket keeper stood and watched Charlton Lamb at slip stagger backwards and fall over which was a comedy in itself rather than take a few steps and take the top edge gentle looping mishit.  Sidderfin and Dunn capitalised on these two chances to add 80.

Debutant Aditya Khilnani then made amajor impact on the game taking four wickets, two catches to Lamb at slip and two to Peter Sumner another debutant. In addition Aditya took three catches, two off a returning MacVicar and one off Peter Sumner. Ayling and smith staged amini mid innings stand of 26 but from the rest there were few runs and the innings ended 153 all out.

After a good tea Peerrless and Blumberg opened but within a trice both Peerless and Marians were back in the pavilion bowled by Easton who ran in up the hill and swung the ball away. perhaps uncharcterically Blumberg hit two early fours only to fall lbw also to Easton thus concluding one of the shortest innings for the President than anyone could remember.

Aditya had cricket his neck before tea and was batting in some discomfort but he and Richard Horne seemed to coasting along nicely when Aditya miscued and was caught off Rowland. 

Richard Horne had been dashing along in fine form particularly savage on opposition skipper Nick corker who sadly took himself off after only two overs.

Nomads were well ahead of the clock needing only 3 or so an over so if Horne styed in victory seemed to be assured. Unfortunately Richard aimed a fairly inept swat at apoor ball only to top edge the ball which was caught and bowled by Ayling. Horne's 58 included two sixes one of which was along as ever seen at abinger, over the stream and  over the road into a garden. not since sylvester clark had played in a charity match at abinger had a comparable six been hit.

Fifty runs were still needed and though the tail was distinguished led by David MacVicar the result was afailure our ninth wicket falling some 28 runs short.

Nomads do not often lose to Abinger and this was a careless defeat despite us being one short and the team having changed by some five people since the original selection. The pitch was mostly slow and low but the same for both sides. Both Easton and Jolly took three wickets apiece for a very pleased skipper Nick Corker.

A fair number of ales were consumed afterwards, there being a fine local bitter to savour. As the Nomads finally left the Nomads President thanked Nick Corker for the game adding it was such a pity he had taken himself off so soon.

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