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Nomads in Spain October 2011 L'Alfas Del Pi

October 2011


MATCH 58  NOMADS CC  v Sporting Alfas Midweek XI Friday October 14th 2011,  12.30pm, Woodbridge Oval Albir L'Alfas Del Pi Spain-40 overs each innings ,8 overs max per bowler 



Result:  Nomads won by 107 runs

Toss:    Nomads CC 
Umpires: David Myers & Others 

Scorer:  Various

Debut(s):David Harvey,Alfonso Jayarajah.



R Style    not out               131

R Latchman retired                31

*J While   st Nix  b  Mariner     93

N Hussey   not out                31

Extras    (b2,lb3,w10,nb5)        20

TOTAL     (2 wickets,40 overs)   306

Dnb:J Hardy,+K Smith,A Jayarajah,D.Harvey,R Ward,*ME Blumberg,O Croom-Johnson.




Bowling-Pearman 3 0 17 0,Dawes 8 1 26 0,Van de geer 8 0 53 0,Goodman 6 0 54 0,Bellis 7 0 78 0,Mariner 8 0 68 1.



G Evans    c Lathman  b Hussey    31

B Mariner  bowled       C-Johnson 13

S Dawes    c Style    b C-Johnson  8

A de Geer  c Hardy    b Jayarajah 28

+R Nix     lbw        b Hussey    56

C Cooper   c Ward     b Hussey     4

N McInstry c Blumberg b While     20

R Robinson not out                 4

P Goodhand not out                 1

Extras     (b0,lb1,w17,nb0)       18            

TOTAL      (8 wickets,40 overs)  199

Dnb:M Pearman,J Bellis.




Bowling-Croom-Johnson 8 0 35 2,Hussey 8 0 42 3,A Jayarajah 8 0 47 1,While 8 1 36 0,Hardy 8 1 37 1.


              Rupert Style hits big ton  on Nomads debut

  On a day in total contrast to our freezing first game in March Nomads won the toss and posted a big score against mainly friendly bowling in balmy warm weather. Ranjit struggled a bit with his timing and retired out at 20 overs.This brought James While to the wicket and so the run rate accelerated with six 6s as he raced to 93 only to be stumped off Mariner's loopy leg breaks. Nigel Hussey joined Style and these two added a further 80 before the 40 overs were completed. Style had reached 131 with one 6 and a plethora of 4s surviving a couple of dropped catches,a splendid first appearance for Nomads.

   Geoff Evans and Ben Mariner opened the home clubs reply and Mariner prospered with some big blows off Nigel Hussey. In the ninth and eleventh overs both the openers fell  and Spencer Dawes fell soon after. However Dutchman de Geer and traditional barnacle Bobby Nix batted comfortably if a long way from the required rate.Eventually Alfonso  Jayarajah removed de Geer, Hussey took two more wickets and John Hardy  removed the oppostion skipper in the 40th over.

   Nomads had won by some 107 runs but it might have been by much more as Kevin Smith had obviously been enjoying his tour off the field. The final count for his mis chances behind the stumps was 12, 9stumpings and 3 catches. Some sort of tour record.


*James While started as skipper but then had to leave for airport to collect Mark so Michael Blumberg took over


MATCH 59  NOMADS CC  v Sporting Alfas 1st XI Saturday October 15th  2011,  12.30pm, Woodbridge Oval Albir L'Alfas Del Pi Spain-40 overs each innings ,8 overs max per bowler.   


Result:  Nomads won by 99 runs

Toss:    Nomads CC 
Umpires: David Myers & Don MacLeod

Scorer:  Bill Rodwell

Debut(s):Nick James.



R Style        st Morgan b Crompton  47

T Brockton     st Morgan b Taylor    72

*J While       run out               15

N Hussey       c Morgan  b M Pearman 14

N Harvey-Jones bowled      Taylor     4

C Peerless     st Morgan b Taylor    11

+K Smith       bowled      Taylor     3

L Jayarajah    run out                3

B Hyam         not out                4

J Hardy        not out               26

Extras        (b6,lb5,w18,nb2)       31

TOTAL         (8 wickets,40 overs)  235

Dnb:R Latchman



Bowling-Pennick 8 1 22 0,K Laundon 4 0 6 0,Fletcher 8 0 34 0,Crompton 8 0 53 1,Taylor 8 0 71 4,Pearman 2 0 18 o,L Laundon 2 0 20 0.



P Pennick  c Smith     b Hardy     8

P Taylor   c Style     b Hussey   20

G Crompton c Hardy     b Hussey   22

W Ashraf   c Latchman  b Hussey    0

B Fletcher c Peerless  b Hussey    6

M Pearman  bowled        While     4

+J Morgan  bowled        Hyam      0

A Bodnrac  c Hyam     b Jayarajah 21

*K Laundon not out                34

K Pearman  c While    b Jayarajah  3

L Laundon  bowled       Hussey     2

Extras    (b4,lb1,w11,nb1)        17

TOTAL      (All Out,36.1 overs)  136


Bowling-Hardy 4 0 29 1,Brockton 6 0 16 0,While 6 1 10 1,Hussey 5.1 1 11 5,Hyam 8 2 31 1,L Jayarajah 7 1 34 2.


 The Alfas scribe writes thus-Click here

Nomads overwhelm weak Alfas side


  For a good many years Sporting Alfas have fielded a strong 1st XI on Saturday and Nomads have recorded few victories. Last March's contest was sadly washed out so nomads were looking forward to this October's clash. Nomads had a side with depth in batting but the bowling was made up of several occassional practioners and a couple past their best.

  When we arrived it was clear many familar faces were missing.No Howe,Spencer,Wasim,Munoz or Shafique and indeed two very diminutive and young cricketers were making up this team.

  Nomads won the toss and chose to bat opening with the previous day's centurion and club top scorer for the season. Againt accurate bowling from Pennick and Laundon barely a run was scored,over after over provoling slow hand claps and vociferous shouts to get on with it. Laundon doubtless bored with this batting removed himself from the attack having bowled 4 overs for 6 runs. The rate barely improved against Flechter although Style to his credit did thrash at many a ball but without contact.After 20 overs we had reached 78.

  Some presumed Brockers was obsessed with scoringthe 37 runs required to equal TonyWhiteway's record so the scorers put up that score on the scoreboard when achieved and clapped.  Subsequently these two two diid accelerate putting on 51 runs in the next eight overs before Style was out stumped. Brockers having moved into a higher gear which included asix then gave his wicket away claiming exhaustion(blame the Yellow Submarine!). the remainding batsmen under immense pressure slogged some bi hits before giving their wickets away until veteran John Hardy came in at number ten and showed them how to hit out judiciusly. He hit a quckfire 26 not out raising our total to 235,107 runs off the last 12 overs.Young Pearman took 2-18 off his two overs. Paul Taylor finished with four wickets but had been hit for an expensive 71 runs.Unusuall figures for him.

  The depleted Alfas side still had several batsmen who have hit big scores against Nomads and had any of them got in would have threatened Nomads modest total. In the event Pennick went early caught behind off Hardy ,the ball sticking in Smith's pads(an improvement over Friday)Taylor and Crompton took the score to 50 whereupon Crompton cut loosely to point off Hussey and the innings collapsed.

  That Alfas reached any total at all was due to some robust stroke play froom Kevin Laundon and Anton Bodnerac who added 44 for the 8th wicket. Left with the two youngsters Laundon still took the score up to 136 before Hussey completed a 'fifer' bowling the diminutive Leo Laundon.

  Nomads thus won by 99 runs in what turned out to be alow scoring match when the opposite seemsed likely at the start.

  For the first time for many years  Sporting alfas laid on a sumptious cricket tea which was much appreciated by the visitors and home side alike. Thank you tea ladies,very much.


A much stronger Alfas side sufferd at the hands of Spanish champions Catalunya CC the next Saturday

MATCH 60  NOMADS CC  v Sporting Alfas Sunday XI Sunday October 16th 2011,  12.30pm, Woodbridge Oval Albir L'Alfas Del Pi Spain-40 overs each innings ,8 overs max per bowler.



Result:  Nomads won by 95 runs

Toss:    Nomads CC 
David Myers & Don MacLeod

Scorer:  Bill Rodwell  

Debut(s):Rohan Latchman



N Hussey       c Marriner b T Marshall 130

+K Smith       run out                   5

R Style        c Dawes    b Ashraf      40

L Jayarajah    c Byrne    b Ashraf       1

C Peerless     st Byrne   b Brown       42

T Brockton     c Marriner b Dawes       22

N Harvey-Jones not out                  24

*ME Blumberg   not out                   4

Extras        (b6,lb7,w20,nb0)          33

TOTAL         (6 wickets,40 overs)     301

Dnb: B Hyam,R Latchman,A Jayarajah.



Bowling-Dawes 8 0 40 1,De Geer 8 0 34 0,Packham 8 0 58 0,T Brown 3 0 34 0,Waqer Ashraf 5 0 44 2,T Marshall 2 0 26 1,A Brown 5 0 51 0. 



H Marshall  c H-Jones  b Brockton    76   

S Dawes     bowled       Latchman     2

A de Geer   c Latchman b Hyam        42

W Ashraf    c Peerless b Hyam        11

A Brown     c Hyam     b L Jayarajah 28

*B Marriner st Smith   b Hussey       6

+I Byrne    lbw        b Hussey       8

T Marshall  lbw        b Hussey       0

T Brown     lbw        b L Jayarajah  0

J Pearman   not out                   2

P Packham   c Hyam     b L Jayarajah  2

Extras     (b2,lb5,w12,nb3)          22

TOTAL      (All Out,40 overs)       206




Rohan Latchman 6 0 53 1,Harvey-Jones 5 0 35 0,Hyam 8 0 35 2,Alfonso Jayarajah 3 0 19 0, Brockton 8 1 32 1,Hussey 5 0 16 3,Leandro Jayarajah 3.2 2 7 3.


                  Hussey ton ensures Nomads total too much for Alfas

  Nomads batsmen maintained a much better run rate from the outset to set a large total  which proved way beyond Sporting Alfas 2nd XI's capacity to chase. Nevertheless young Harry Marshall and veteran Dutchman De Geer attacked some wayward Nomads bowling to such good effect that at 20 overs Alfas were only marginally behind Nomads score at the half way mark.

  However once they departed the home side collapsed with only A Brown making any mark. The last five wickets fell for a mere 31 runs.

  Luckily Nomads won the toss and batted as many Nomads including an umpire and scorer were not to be seen.In the event Kevin Smith failed to seize his opportunity and ran himself put early. Style and Hussey added 168 runs for the 2nd wicket.Hussey hit 130 out of 203 including two sixes. Peerless,Brockton and James all played fluent cameos and club President completed the innings with a boundary four.

  Rohan Latchman bowled Spencer Dawes early but then rather lost his radar as did Nick James so Alfas raced along at eight an over for 10 overs. Ben Hyam and Tom Brockton changed the game with three wickets and then Nigel Hussey and Leandro Jayarajah routed the rest with six inexpensive wickets.


MATCH 61  NOMADS CC  v Forty Club of Spain Monday October 18th 2011,  12.30pm, Woodbridge Oval Albir L'Alfas Del Pi Spain-Time game



Result:  Match Drawn

Toss:    Nomads CC
Umpires: David Myers & Don MacLeod

Scorer:  Bill Rodwell  



NOMADSCC Innings Innings 

R Latchman retired hurt         78

J While    bowled       Wambeek 98

C Peerless not out              44

T Brockton not out              33

Extras    (b1,lb11,w2,nb2)      16

TOTAL     (1 wicket,43 overs)  266

Dnb:L Jayarajah,N Hussey,J Hardy,+K Smith,B Hyam,ME Blumberg,R Style,(O Croom-Johnson)




Bowling-Dawes 11 0 60 0, De Geer 8 1 42 0, Kellington 7 0 39 0, Wambeek 10 0 62 1, Bellis 7 0 51 0.



G Kellington run out             20

H Marshall   c & b      Brockton 29

G Evans      lbw      b Hussey   20

A De Geer    st Smith b Hussey   18

S Dawes      bowled     While    15

N McKinsty   c Ranjit b Hussey   13

C Cooper     not out             13

R Ward       not out              5

Extras      (b2,lb3,w3,nb4)      12

TOTAL      (6 wickets,41 overs) 145

Dnb:R Nix,W Curness,G Wambeek,(J Bellis)




Bowling-Hardy 2 0 15 0,Brockton 13 2 51 1,Hyam 11 2 32 0,While 5 1 22 1,Hussey 10 2 27.


Report to follow 

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