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Nomads in Rome 2014

  Nomads in Rome Italy 
 April 4th-8th 2014 



MATCH 05 Nomads CC v Capannelle CC Capannelle Race Course Rome Italy Saturday April 5th 12.30 pm Time Game,Nomads played 12,11 fielding,11 batting

                      Rupert Blocks (60)                        129 for 1st wicket                                Kie drives(70)

Result:  Nomads won by 57 runs
 Toss:    Capannelle CC
 Scorer:  Francesca Jayarajah
 Debut(s):Charles Randall,John Phillip,Richard MacKey.
 NOMADS CC Innings
 K Farrell   c Ghulam    b Kiran    71
 R Style     c ?         b Robbins  60
 R MacKey    c Jayarajah b Da Costa 27
 R Achillini bowled        Amila    20
 A Gregory   not out                13
 C Randall   not out                 7
 Extras     (b2,lb3,w13,nb0)        18
 TOTAL      (4 wkts dec,49 overs)  216
 Dnb:C Wilson,J Phillip,A Evans-Gordon,C Dickins,ME Blumberg(Vithiani).


Bowling-Robbins 12 1 44 1,Jayacatharachch 4 0 19 0,Da Costa 13 0 58 1,Bonaface 5 0 34 0,Kiran 11 2 46 1,Amila 4 0 10 0.

 G Abbass      lbw    b Achillinni   17
 K Kiran       c & b    Vithiani     16
 C Williams    bowled   Vithiani      5
 P Bonaface    lbw    b Achilinni     3
 J Jay         bowled   Vithiani      5
 A Amila       bowled   Vithiani      0
 M Da Costa    bowled   Evans-Gordon 15
 G Piperno     lbw    b Evans-Gordon  0
 A Weerasinghe not out               21
 A Jayarajah*  bowled   Wilson        1
 M Robbins     bowled   Wilson        9
 Extras       (b0,lb0,w11,nb0)       11
 TOTAL        (All out,32 overs)    103


Bowling-Vithiani 9 1 22 5,Achillini 9 1 35 2,Randall 5 1 11 0,Evans-Gordon 7 1 22 1,Wilson 2 0 13 2.

Alfonso won the toss and after a pause for thought inserted Nomads. Kie Farrell and Rupert Style compiled an impressive 1st wicket stand of 129. Richard MacKey and Ricci Achillinni hit twenties and Nomads 'Pope' and Chas Randall were left unbeaten when the skipper declared after 49 overs.
 After an excellent tea Suraj Vithiani and Ricci opened the bowlig. After an opening stand of 38 wickets began to tumble, 6 wickets falling for a mere 17 runs. Max Da Costa and Weerasinghe provided some resistance but then Evans-Gordon removed Da Costa and 'no knees' Wilsonin his second ever bowl for Nomads bowled the last two to give Nomads a substantial win by 113 runs and an early finish as the last hour had barely begun. Suraj declared this was the first time he had taken five wickets!
 The ladies joined us and subsequently Nomads and some Capannelle enjoyed a fine dinner in one of the Racecourse restaurants.


MATCH 06 Nomads CC v Capannelle CC Capannelle Race Course Rome Italy Sunday April 6th 12.40 40/40 Game, Nomads played 12,11 fielding,11 batting

Result:  Capannelle won 23 runs
 Toss:    Capannelle CC
 Scorer:  Francesca Jayarajah
 L Jayarajah*  c Mackey       b Randall   37
 Shan          bowled           Randall   34
 Ijaz Ahmed    c Vithiani     b Randall   35
 Suresh Kerkul c Mackey       b Achilinni 21
 Kevin         st Dickins     b Wilson     1
 Ghulam Ali    c Mackey       b Wilson     4
 Ghulam Emi    c Dickins      b Achilinni  8
 P Melegora    c Farrell      b Wilson     2
 M Moretini    c Evans-Gordon b Wilson     2
 Y Weerasinghe not out                     7
 Sanjay Kekul  c Farrell      b Vithiani   9
 Extras       (b0,lb0,w18,nb3)            21
 TOTAL        (All Out,36.4 overs)       182

Bowling-Vithiani 7.4 0 35 1,Achilinni 7 0 42 2,Randall 8 1 21 3,Evans-Gordon 8 0 49 0,Wilson 6 0 35 4.

 K Farrell      bowled          Ijaz Ahmed  33
 R Style        c Jayarajah   b Melegora    12
 R Mackey       c Weerasinghe b Sanjay Kekul 0
 C Wilson       c Kevin       b Ijaz Ahmed  12
 S Vithiani     c 'Keeper'    b Kevin       51
 J Phillip      st Keeper     b Kevin        6
 A Evans-Gordon c & b           Sanjay Kekul 1
 A Gregory      run out                      7
 C Dickins      c Sanjay      b Moretini     6
 R Achilinni    not out                      4
 C Randall      run out                      2
 Extras        (b5,lb2,w15,nb3)              25
 TOTAL         (9 wickets,40 overs)        159
 (Dnb:ME Blumberg)


Bowling-Moretini 5 0 17 1,Yohan 5 1 7 0,Melegora 5 0 24 1,Suresh Kekul 6 0 15 1,Ijaz Ahmed 7 3 22 2,Ghulam Emi 4 0 23 0,Sanjay Kekul 4 0 21 1,Kevin 3 0 18 2,Ghulam Ali 10 4 0.


Leandro won the toss and elected to bat. Opening with Shan the duo added 74 before Randall bowled Shan. Some forty runs later Randall had Leandro caught by Mackey and added a third wicket when Suraj caught the dangerous Ijaz Ahmed. Wickets now fell steadily to the incredible guile of 'no knees' Wilson and steady seam of Ricci. Suraj finished off the innings as Farrell took another catch. Capannelle were all out in 36.4 overs.
 After a light tea Nomads opened with Farrell and Style who put on 36 before Style was caught off Melegora.MacKey soon followed for a duck whereupon the innings lost momentum with Wilson failing to rotate the strike in favour of Farrell.Farell yorked himself out of frustration and Wilson followed seven runs later.
 Suraj Vithiani now played a swashbuckling innings, adding 51 with John Phillip and twenty more with Gregory, before being caught behind off Kevin. A few more overs of Suraj's big hitting and Nomads would have been close if not winning. In reality once he was out the seventh at 143 Nomads mature tail was unequal to the task and we finished some 23 runs short.
 After the match a sumptuous feast of Indian starters followed by excellent chicken Biriani was enjoyed by both teams. On this occassion Italian Railways let us down with an hour's delay before we limped back later to Termini. Undiminished Nomads regathered at Gusto restaurant in Emperor Augustus Place for much wine and fine food. Chris Wilson, greedy from a four wicket haul, was astonished to observe the President devouring a rich lamb shank

MATCH 07 Nomads CC v St Peter's CC Capannelle Race Course Rome Italy Monday April 7th 2.30 20/20 Game


Result:  St Peter's won by 11 runs
 Toss:    St Peter's CC
 Umpires: Chris Wilson,John Phillip &
 Scorer:  Chris Wilson & John Phillip
 ST PETER'S CC Innings
 Shynish Bosca     bowled           Vithiani     7
 A Paulson         bowled           Jayarajah   11
 Jake ?            bowled           Jayarajah   12
 Aamir Bhatti      c Evans-Gordon b Vithiani    40
 A Deepak ?        bowled           Evans-Gordon 6
 Anthony ?         st Dickins     b Randall      8
 Makavitage Pathum c Style        b Vithiani    29
 D Benedict        st Dickins     b Vithiani     2
 Rojen ?           not out                      14
 Extras           (b0,lb0,w10,nb0)              10
 TOTAL            (8 wickets,20 overs)         141
 Dnb:? Tharak,? Jomsinghe


Bowling-Vithiani 4 0 21 4,Evans-Gordon 4 0 17 0,Randall 4 0 33 0,Jayarajah 4 0 23 2,Achilinni 4 0 34 0.

 L Jayarajah    bowled      Benedict  12
 A Gregory      run out               11
 S Vithiani     run out               22
 A Evans-Gordon c Deepak  b Rojen     45
 K Farrell      run out               14
 R Mackey       c Jake    b Paulson    0
 R Achilinni    bowled      Benedict   5
 R Style        c Jake    b Rojen      0
 C Dickins+     not out                1
 C Randall      not out                2
 Extras        (b4,lb6,w4,nb2)        16
 TOTAL         (8 wickets,20 overs)  130
 Dnb:ME Blumberg*


Bowling-Jomsingh 3 0 13 0,Tharak 3 o 17 0,benedict 4 0 16 2,Anthony 2 0 9 1,Aamir Bhatti 2 0 14 0,Rojen 3 0 13 2,Jake 1 0 11 0,Paulson 3 0 15 1.

Run outs scupper Nomads run chase

Nomads reduced their veteran average age by including Leandro in the team as well as having Charlie Dickins son Bo as a fielder for a long period St Peter's turned out to be mostly in their early twenties.St Peter's won the toss and batted first.The early batmen fell to wild shots so much so that Nomads had taken 3 wickets for 37 by the seventh over. Rotating the Nomads five bowlers did not disrupt Aamir Bhatti though he should have been caught twice. The next wicket fell at 85 but the next at 125-5 by which time the chubby Makavitage Pathum(more Friar Tuck than St Francis of Assisi) had struck a robust 29 with two sixes. St Peter's hit 41 off the last five overs to finish on 141. Surash took 4 wickets for 21, Leandro took 2 for a 23 and Evans-Gordon bowled a very respectable 4 overs for just 17 runs. Randall and Achillini suffered somewhat from Pathum and Bhatti's boundaries.
 After tea Nomads opened with Leandro Jayarajah and Andrew Gregory quickly reaching 20 whereupon Leandro was bowled. Suraj and 'the Pope' added 32 effortlessly only for the partnership and innings to be ruined by two run outs, one a very good throw to remove Gregory, the other an idiotic mess up between Suraj and Alastair. Kie Farrell and Alastair Evans-Gordon added 60 but lost momentum as Alastair became ever more exhausted so much so he turned on his team mates on the boundary with a series of expletives which must surely have astonished the trainee priests. The cause of this outburst being a clumsy misfield by chubby Pathum which would have allowed Alastair to walk a second run. Never looking round he rent his anger on his fellow Nomads. Alastair did hit top score but sadly missed many an offside longhop while Kie so adept at playing the same ball stood at the other end. Wickets tumbled once Farrell was also run out by a direct hit and the remaining batsmen swung their bats in vain. In contrast to St Peter's 41 runs off the last 5 overs Nomads only mustered 31.
 Ricci Achillini was curiously bowled by a chest high full toss diverted by his bat onto the stumps. This caused an umpiring conference as the square leg umpire was signalling 'no ball' while the bowler's umpire had his finger showing out and so out was the decision that prevailed much to a mystified Riccci.
 St Peter's had won their first match and were jubilent. Father Eamon O'Higgins spoke some fine words on the virtues of cricket, sportsmanship and 'fair play' and Michael Blumberg presented him with a Nomads tour shirt after thanking St Peter's for the match and wishing them well on the cricket field and in their chosen profession.
 Undetered by this second defeat Nomads gathered in Via Del Croce and consumed serious volumes of wine accompanied by good food and some very limited street singers.Alfonso Jayarajah joined us for a drink but we failed to persuade his daughter Franceca, an ace cricket scorer, to waste her evening with us!

Article by Chas Randall on Club Cricket Conference Website

Father O'Higgins team talk               Tour Shirt Presentation                             Teams shake hands

All the players and officials - Sinners, Saints and Innocents



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