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Nomads in Rome 2013

  Nomads in Rome Italy  
 April 5th-8th 2013 



MATCH 05 Nomads CC v Capannelle CC Capannelle Race Course Rome Italy Saturday April 6th 12 noon Time Game

Result:  Nomads won by 57 runs
Toss:    Nomads CC
Umpires: Donald MacLeod & Others
Scorer:  Alison & Andrew Marshall & Francesca Jayasuriya
Debut(s):Jeremy Rhodes,Michael Perkins,Alastair Evans-Gordon.
R Style        c Bonapace b A Weerasinghe 31
KG Alexander+  c Kumar    b Bonapace      11
J Ireland      c Ijaz     b Jayarajah     71
J Rhodes       bowled       Da Costa       9
S Vithlani     run out                    14
A Evans-Gordon c Amati    b Jayarajah     11
A Marshall     not out                    21
V Gavin        not out                     7
Extras        (b8,lb0,w4,nb2)             14
TOTAL         (6 wickets,51 overs)       189
Dnb:ME Blumberg*,C Fellows-Smith,M Perkins


Bowling-Kumar 9 4 11 0,Y Weerasinghe 4 0 16 0,Bonapace 4 0 9 0,Amati 4 0 21 0,Da Costa 6 0 9 1,Ajit Weerasinghe 9 1 23 1,Ijjaz Ahmed 7 0 35 0,Jayarajah 6 0 42 2,Arun Weerasinghe 2 0 15 0.

A Amati           c Evans-Gordon  b Ireland      12
Ghulam Abbas      c Gavin         b Evans-Gordon 35
Ijaz Ahmed        lbw             b Evans-Gordon 13
M Kumar           c Style         b Evans-Gordon  4
Ajit Weerasinghe  lbw             b Evans-Gordon  0
Aruna Weerasinghe not out                        32
P Bonapace        c & b             Ireland      15
M Da Costa        c Fellows-Smith b Evans-Gordon  6
A Bet             lbw             b Evans-Gordon  0
Y Weerasinghe     st Alexander    b Evans-Gordon  1
A Jayarajah*      c Style         b Marshall      4
TOTAL            (All out,34.3 overs)           132


Bowling-Vithlani 6 0 21 0,Fellows-Smith 5 0 28 0,Ireland 8 1 35 2,Evans-Gordon 10 0 35 7,Perkins 4 0 12 0, Marshall 1.3 0 2 1.

Spin baffles Romans

Nomads posted a reasonable total thanks to good seventy from classicist Joe Ireland and two productive late stands. When we resumed after tea the Capannelle openers played our seamers comfortably but all changed with the introduction of spin as Ireland and Evans-Gordon and Andy Marshall finished the innings off.

MATCH 06 Nomads CC v Capannelle CC Capannelle Race Course Rome Italy Sunday April 7th 12.40  45/45 Game

Result:  Capannelle won by 7 wickets
Toss:    Nomads CC
Umpires: Donald MacLeod,Alberto Bet,Charles Fellows-Smith & Others
Scorer:  Alison & Andrew Marshall & Francesca Jayasuriya
R Style         c Piperno   b Morettini 0
KG Alexander +  c De Joyza  b Robbins   0
J Ireland       c Jyarajah  b Ali      47
MA Surridge     c Kekul     b Morettini 2
J Rhodes        lbw         b Morettini 0
A Marshall      c Mohammed  b Robbins   6
A Evans-Gordon  bowled        Jeet      6
C Fellows-Smith bowled        Jeet      0
V Gavin         c Jayarajah b Scalco   14
ME Blumberg *   c Piperno   b Ali       3
M Perkins       not out                 1
Extras         (b0,lb5,w25,nb 3)       33
TOTAL          (All out,29.4 overs)   112


Bowling:Morettini 4 0 12 3,Robbins 4 1 12 2,Jeet 2 0 3 2,Kekul 4 0 8 1,Ali 6 0 28 2,Sclaco 3 1 15 1,Ahmed 3 0 13 0,Jayarajah 2 1 2 0,Mohammed 2 0 5 0.

J Mohammed c Rhodes b Evans-Gordon 14
S De Zoysa bowled     Surridge     30
Ali Ghulam run out(Style)          33
S Kekul    not out                 15
G Scalco   not out                 11
Extras    (b0,lb0,w6,nb3)           9
TOTAL     (3 wickets,25.2 overs)  113
Dnb:Emi Ghulam,G Piperno,C Jeet,M Morettini,L Jayarajah*,M Robbins.


Bowling-Evans-Gordon 9 0 36 1,Ireland 6 0 26 0,Surridge 6 0 29 1,Fellows-Smith 4.2 0 19 0.

Nomads won the toss and elected to insert Capannelle. However their captain Leandro pleaded that we change the decision as his batsmen were inexperienced at playing spin so as we were guests reluctantly we changed the decision with dire results.As in no time we were 3 wickets down for a mere 8 runs and soon the middle order collapsed leaving us 38-7. however Joe Ireland remained and his 47 with assiatnce from the tail took us to the paltry total of 112.

Well as Ireland and Evans-Gordon bowled Capanelle did not collapse this time knocking off the runs in just over 25 overs.

We then consumed an enormous lunch. 

In view of early finish to the second match, after a sumptuous lunch, a 10/10 eight a side match was played. Capannelle scored 69-4 and Nomads were 62-3 with four overs to go when Joe Ireland ran himself out whereupon Nomads collapsed as Charles Fellows-Smith, having promoted himself, missed a first ball thus recording two ducks on the same day and Alastair Evans-Gordon went the same way. Three extras later the skipper pulled the last ball of the penultimate over towards the mid wicket boundary only for it to come to a halt short of the boundary and be fielded. The batsmen ran one but then Michael Perkins set off for a second. The skipper who planned to take the strike the next over thus sent him back but too late, alas he could not turn round in time and regain his ground. Nomads had lost by 3 runs with an over to go! Two defeats in one day.